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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ethan's Eyes win Our Hearts

This is a running tally of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the respective characters on the show. We start out with our favorites (that sleepy-eyed dreamer, Ethan) and move on slowly to our least favorites (Kelly, Nat, Brenda, the ghost of Steve, etc...). Not all characters will be accounted for, just the ones that made an impression.

so here goes:

Character Rankings, Week One:

1. Ethan - I Dream Of Lacrosse! Yaoh!
2. Dixon - He's got something of the Brandon in him.
3. Dixon's Sister - I don't know what her name is, but I like that she is a hot nerd.
4. Naomi - there are definitely possibilities for her. If she weren't so goddam old, that is.
5. Principal Dad - He's no Sandy Cohen, but he is alright. Maybe a bit too straight.
6. Indian Dude - pure David Silver, but with a little bit of a 'Freaks and Geeks' edge.
7. Silver - outright Gossip Girl and Boston Public rip-off with this H.S. blogger character.
8. Grandma - A Drunk! I love it! Not.
9. Dude Naomi Slept With - I get the feeling that we'll be seeing more of this lug.
10. Actor Dude - He is the richest guy in school. Until episode 6, when they need a new rich guy.
11. Horny English Teacher - So not good.
12. Kelly - Actually not that terrible, she almost fits with the show.
13. Brenda - Totally awful. Awful. Terrible.
14. Nat - I hate you Nat, I really do. Want a fucking Megaburger, fuckface? Eat some shit, you bottom-feeding maggot.

Let me know what you think. Did I forget anyone?


Tom said...

Ok pat, kinda harsh on gold ole' Nat weren't you? Otherwise I tend to agree with your rankings, Dixon does have some Brandon in him - is Jason Priestly producing, maybe? Here's a vote for Brenda to move up the rankings next week. I really think the potential is much higher than grandma. A couple of notes: Navid didn't look Indian to me, will it come out later that he's Iraqi like Sayid on Lost. And the sister is Annie.

table 4 at the peach pit said...

Nat is really bad. I mean, it is like the dude never left the peach pit. Joe E. Tata was the David Faustino of the the original.