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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Predictions for Tonight and Webisodes

I know I won't be watching this episode live as I have an art opening to go to, but I have discovered that the new episodes of 90210 will be shown in full on the CW's website after they air. Sweeet.

Any predictions for tonight? No, none? Not one? Well, don't worry because I have glanced into my crystal ball and seen:

1. Annie's actor boyfriend will turn out to be a slimeball, but then somehow will also have a heart (and voice) of gold.
2. Dixon will be African-American.
3. Naomi is going to get real mad at whoever Ethan is making eyes at (I'm looking at you, Annie).
4. Nat gets beaten-up and skinned alive by a ruthless motorcycle gang that ransacks the Peach Pit looking for Dylan McKay and his friend, "Stevebo".

Let's see how I do.

1 comment:

Tom said...

Don't want to ruin it for you, Pat, but only number 4 comes true.
What's with the random junior miss pagent picture?